ExperTox Sponsor’s Friends of League City Animal Shelter

ExperTox has the joy of being a sponsor of the Friends of League City Animal Shelter, which is a no-kill shelter for animals. Last Thursday, we joined with the Friends of League City Animal Shelter at Star Toyota in the unveiling of their new adoption trailer. 

Summer is a tough time because the intake of animals goes up and adoptions go down. According to Monica Millican with Friends of League City Animal Shelter, it is actually a perfect time to adopt a new pet.  Here are just a few reasons to consider adopting a new (4 pawed) family member this summer!

  1. Kids are home from school, so they will have time to bond and play with the new member of the family.
  2. Time to potty (house) train your new family member.
  3. The summer gives your kids time to learn the extra responsibility and get into the routine of taking care of your new pet before going back to school.
  4. The best one yet….you may be saving the life of an animal that will bring your family so much joy for many years to come!!!

We enjoyed sharing the experience of unveiling the adoption trailer with the shelter. If you would like more information see We hope that you and your pets enjoy your summer!


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