Toxic Toys This Holiday Season

Why do your kids need “healthy toys?” has tested thousands of toys since 2007. Their intension is to help consumers with the information they need to make better choices when purchasing toys and other children’s products. The most recent Toy Test Screening Results are now posted.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Levels of lead continue to decline in toys and children’s products. While lead was detected in 61% of products, none of the products contained lead at over 300 ppm (the current CPSIA limit for lead in substrates).
  • Far too many toys and children’s products continue to be made out of PVC.  78% of the products tested contained PVC in one or more components.
  • Toys and children’s product’s still contain too many other chemical hazards.  48% had cadmium levels greater then 40 ppm; 77% had tin levels greater than 40 ppm.

The information on is meant to provide general information to the public on whether or not certain chemicals were detected in tested consumer products. did NOT conduct studies to determine if the chemicals of concern will migrate or come out of the product, causing a direct exposure. Therefore, can not determine whether the presence of these chemicals in a product results in human exposure, nor can estimate the health risk posed by any product. Studies intended to examine whether or not chemicals of concern do come out of products under various conditions can be done. Some manufacturers report having done studies of this kind. Please contact manufacturers directly if you are interested in that information.

The test results shown on the site apply only to the specific products tested. Earlier or later versions of the same products may contain different chemical formulations.


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