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Bath Salts? It’s really a drug and it’s legal!

By now most people have heard of Synthetic Cannabinoids, i.e. K-2, Spice, etc. The newest craze is Bath Salts – watch Dr. Oz report on this.



How Concerned Are You About Purchasing or Renting a Former Meth Lab?

With the new season of “Breaking Bad” that started in March, there seems to be a lot of discussion regarding former methamphetamine labs that are set up in apartments and houses. The Drug Enforcement Agency has seized a number of these meth labs, and has listed the addresses of these houses on their  National Clandestine Laboratory Register. However, we have received a few inquiries from individuals that are concerned they may have purchased a former “kitchen”. If the DEA is seizing these facilities, why are they worried?

Unlike many other drugs, the production of methamphetamine is extremely toxic, and its byproducts linger, either as waste or residue on the property for a long time, depending on the types of chemicals used, their concentration, quantity and the length of time they were “cooking”. A homeowner or lessor may not understand the environmental impact or toxic effects of these labs, and may choose to remove all equipment and chemicals without notifying law enforcement, then just ventilate the residence and complete standard repairs such as carpet replacement and painting. Residues linger in air vents, HVAC systems, drywall and even concrete.

Here’s an interesting fact gathered from the The Partnership For Drug-Free America website – one (1) pound of methamphetamine produces 5 to 6 pounds of toxic waste, oftentimes poured down the drain or directly into the ground. If proper toxic cleanup does not occur, future residents may suffer from a wide array of symptoms, including a lingering cough and chest pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and decreased motor skills. The long-term effects may include cancer, organ damage and birth defects.

The fact is, meth production in the U.S. is small potatoes compared to the international super labs; however, “mom and pop” shops do exist, in all economic levels. Meth houses have been found in trailers, as well as expensive homes. So, are average home buyers really concerned? If so, what steps are you taking to avoid purchasing a former meth house? If not, why?

We appreciate your input and look forward to learning from you.

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