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Bisphenol-A (BPA) – How Concerned Are You?

We have recently received a number of inquiries from people who wanted to test themselves for bisphenol-A, also known as BPA.  This prompted us to look into the recent increase in questions, and here’s what we found.

BPA is used in creating many plastics and plastic additives, and has been suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s.  BPA tends to leech out of plastic items, generally marked #7 and reflected on the bottom.  Products made with BPA include but are definitely not limited to:

  1. Baby bottles and sippy cups
  2. Water bottles
  3. Sports equipment
  4. Dental fillings and sealants
  5. Food and beverage can inside coating

So, why the concern?  Recent studies have produced evidence that BPA exposure at high levels may have significant adverse affects on humans, especially women and children. BPA mimics the body’s own hormones, especially estrogen.  Noted adverse affects include:

  • An increase in obesity
  • Oxidative stress and inflammation in postmenopausal women, leading to
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Liver problems
    • Brain, behavior and prostate gland development in fetuses, infants and children
    • Abnormally high liver enzymes

Ingestion is the most common path for introducing BPA into your body.  More than 90% of Americans have measurable levels of BPA in their urine.  What can you do to reduce exposure to BPA?

  • Do not microwave plastic food containers, as high heat affects the breakdown of plastic
  • Reduce your use of canned foods and beverages
  • Use baby bottles that are BPA free

Are you concerned about how BPA may be affecting your health?  Share your thoughts and stories with us!


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